About Us

Rebecca is a real jack of all trades, master of none kind of girl. She has tried everything from lacrosse and fly fishing to archery and cross stitching. Her interest in crime started with binge watching Law & Order SVU in the early oughts and has only gotten stronger; especially because she is a crime magnet. When not looking up Houston crimes, she can be found in pottery class, watching Bravo, or sipping a whiskey soda in a dive bar.

Veronica is the genius photographer and sound editor behind the pod. She loves pop culture, listening to Selena, and chilling with her two adorable dogs, Annyong and Leeloo. She has been an avid true crime fan since the 90s and is convinced that Annyong might be a re-incarnated serial killer.

Amanda is the mastermind behind this podcast and is the glue that holds us together. Her idea of a perfect day is a good bottle of wine a dateline marathon. The two newest additions to her family are the podcats, Pancake and Bacon. She grew up on the 33rd parallel (look it up), which has encouraged her love of true crime and all things strange.

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